ORIX Leasing Malaysia (OLM) believes in the conduct of its business and affairs in a fair and transparent manner by adopting the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and ethical behavior. Any actual or potential exceptions to the same would be a matter of serious concern of OLM. It is in the best interests of the organisation that such exceptions are reported for taking timely remedial measures, immediate as well as long term. While OLM employees have always been expected to practice ethical behavior and be vigilant to any exceptions coming to their knowledge, the same responsibility is now being codified by way of a "Whistleblower Policy”.

The said policy has been developed to ensure that Compliance Concern is investigated confidentially, promptly and to give protection to persons who disclose Compliance Concern so that they report the same without any fear of victimisation or adverse action.

Whistleblowing Hotlines have been established both internally and externally. An external hotline that uses external attorneys and specialists, as well as a reporting hotline that is independent of the executive level, have been set up, and by facilitating anonymous reporting, OLM is endeavoring to ensure that the system functions appropriately.

In addition, the policy which prescribes matters relating to the structure and operation of the whistleblowing system, prohibits the performance of unfair treatment on whistleblowers and persons who have cooperated with investigations, and in addition, obligates all officers and employees to, in principle, immediately report to their superior if they learn of a legal violation, rule violation, or act that is contrary to public order and morals, etc. or have a suspicion that this may be the case, and if reporting to a superior is difficult, to promptly notify the Whistleblowing Hotline.

After receiving a report, based on the management of the designated information recipient, a review committee and investigation committee, investigation and corrective action, etc. will be formed with careful management of the reported information and forthwith report the findings to the OLM Group Audit Committee. Appropriate action shall be taken against the offending Employee.

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